Rachel Boillot

Rachel Boillot (b.1987) grew up in New York and Singapore. Her undergraduate coursework was completed at Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She spent the following two years working as a photographic archivist for the Boston Housing Authority. Before returning to graduate school, she taught photography at My Life, My Choice, helping victims of sexual exploitation tell their own stories. Rachel graduated from Duke University’s MFA program in May 2014. Post Script was her thesis work. Rachel currently teaches photography at Duke. Her photographic practice is supported by grants from the Annenberg Foundation and the Riverview Foundation.

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Silent Ballad

Silent Ballad explores musical heritage in the mountains of East Tennessee. Religious belief, the rural landscape, and the old-time music tradition all inform this portrait of place. The work will be available as a limited edition photo-book in June. The book will also include an album of the musicians depicted.

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These photographs were made while working for Park Ranger and folklorist Bob Fulcher, who runs Sandrock Recordings. (http://sandrockrecordings.com) Rachel continues her work for Bobby and will permanently relocate to East Tennessee this month to continue this work. All images made 2014-2015.

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To view more of Rachel’s work, please visit her website.

Issue No.13 – Call For Entry!

Paloma Shutes
Photo Editor
The California Sunday Magazine and Pop-Up Magazine
San Francisco, California

Aint–Bad No. 13 Call For Entry is officially open! We are teaming up with a new group of guest curators and editors from all over to collaborate on a publication that seeks the best contemporary photography being made today! Learn more about each of these talented curators and submit today!

Paloma Shutes is Photography Editor of The California Sunday Magazine. Previously, she worked in the photo departments at Wired and GQ, where she commissioned photography recognized by the Society of Publication Designers and American Photography.

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