Guillaume Jolly

Born and raised in a small village of France, Guillaume Jolly studied at the Fine Arts of Nantes. Once he earned his Post Graduate Degree of Communication and Design, he moved to Barcelona to work as Creative Director for Catalan television. After one year in Spain, he worked as freelance Art Director in Paris for many years, and moved to work in Amsterdam for a while. In 2011, in the process of getting back in his village, he started being very involved as a self-taught photographer. 




Trying to escape from the craziness of the city, worked a lot as a freelancer for a decade in a world of communication as Art Director, spending night and days in front of a screen, traveling and being free has always been very important for him. When everything moves at lightening speed, he focuses on simple details, he takes time to contemplate, shooting film only, mostly nature and loneliness. Each picture is a silent day, a unique moment of calm. 

The most simple things can bring the most happiness!










To view more of Guillaume Jolly’s work please visit his website.

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