Guillaume Amat

Guillaume Amat is a French photographer who is based in Paris. In 2007 he joined Millennium Images Ltd., Signatures-photographies agency in 2008 and participated to collective projects on the French Landscapes called “France(s) Territoire Liquide.” Guillaume is dedicated to long-term projects which produce photographic narratives. His field of action is not limited to a single area, never ceasing to question photographic representation and the way to transfigure reality. Aiming to adapt the camera to the subject and the way in which to narrate a story by using different types of cameras, formats and sensible surfaces. With his images he build stories which navigate between documentary and poetry. Today we take a look at Guillaume’s series titled Open Fields.

Guillaume Amat 01 Guillaume Amat 02 Guillaume Amat 03 Guillaume Amat 04

Open Fields 

“Started in 2013 the central idea of the series “Open Fields” is the questions the Representation of the French landscape and the notion of his capture by using a mirror measuring 80x120cm placed in situ. The mirror comes reconstructing the landscape with the off-field facing him and creating a double reading.

In the construction of my pictures, I’m interested in creating a new perspective within the context of the image, by blurring the boundaries between the real and fiction, reality and invented. There is a question of the superposing of shots and the fragmentation of spaces to create new perceptions, by playing with the perspectives and the picture frame of the host site.”

Guillaume Amat 05 Guillaume Amat 06 Guillaume Amat 07 Guillaume Amat 08 Guillaume Amat 09 Guillaume Amat 10 Guillaume Amat 11 Guillaume Amat 12 Guillaume Amat 13Making-Off Open Fields /#2 Le Calvaire des Dunes.

To view more of Guillaume’s work please visit his website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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