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Sinziana Velicescu

Sinziana Velicescu is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Film. Her photography explores human intervention in nature within landscapes that have undergone political, social, or environmental change. Her photographs have been shown in galleries internationally in

Kevin Cook


Kevin Cook is a documentary photographer, photojournalist and photo educator based in his hometown of Philadelphia. He grew up in Mayfair, a working class neighborhood in Northeast Philly. Through his experiences in Philadelphia he has developed a passion to work on long form photographic essays that explore interesting communities, underreported neighborhoods and social issues in

Eva O’Leary


Eva O’Leary, an artist split between her Irish and American heritages, is a recent graduate from the Yale MFA program, working and living between New Haven, CT and New York, NY. Her work has been shown internationally and published in New York Times Style, Vice, DIS, Wired, among many other periodicals, as well as receiving

Lola Paprocka


Lola Paprocka is a London based photographer, curator publisher and art director. Originally from Poland she moved to London 13 years ago. She mainly works with medium format and occasionally 35mm. She is a founder of Palm Studios, platform that promotes photographers, produce exhibitions and has its own publishing house called Palm*. Lola’s inspirations come

Marian Carrasquero


Marian Carrasquero is a Venezuelan documentary photographer who seeks out compelling cultural and human stories that she can translate into visual narrative through photography. She photographs to learn about her subject matter; to experience; to observe and capture beautiful people, moments and light. She uses photography as an excuse for interaction, an excuse with beautiful

Soohyun Kim

Ian, 2014

In our age of expedited globalization, photography increasingly delineates poignant historical and cultural conflicts. Citizens are called on to sift through their industrial urban presence and come to terms with the realities inherent in our capitalist metropolises. My work slips between the two global sister cities Chicago and Seoul, trading connections across their cultural, spatial,

Lauren Marsolier


Today we are excited to revisit one of our favorite photographers. French-born Lauren Marsolier lives and works in Los Angeles. She is the recipient of many awards and her images have been published internationally in such magazines as Artforum and the British Journal of Photography, where she was featured as one of ‘20 photographers to

David Egan


David Egan (b. 1982) is an american photographer raised in the Washington metropolitan area. He holds a BA in Organizational Communications and an MFA in Photography. David creates long term bodies of work. His photographs are specific, focused, and deliberate. Egan has become known for his use of color as well his night and long

Across State Lines – “Sunset Strip, No Round-Trip”


Michael and I met back in 2012 while attending the undergraduate photography program at Savannah College of Art and Design. We both knew of each other’s work, and the cut-throat photography program was a breeding ground for rivalries. This unspoken competition between peers, especially the two of us, was soon replaced with late-night, wormholes of