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Whit Forrester


December 24, 1983 Pago Pago, American Samoa 21:20 Raised in Kentucky, USA School in Ohio and Chicago Currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA Interested in the ways in which we accumulate. Interested in power, in how power is manifested, in how we consciously and unconsciously materially represent ourselves in the world and in how we

Annick Sjobakken


Annick Sjobakken is a Des Moines based photographer and educator. She received her BFA in Photography in 2003 from Parsons School of Design and her MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. Her work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Fraction Magazine, Lenscratch, and

Barbara Diener

Katie with Aura, 2016

Barbara Diener was born in 1982 in Germany. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography from the California College of the Arts and Masters of Fine Art in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL, Hyde Park Art Center, Hyde Park, IL, Alibi Fine

Jesse Burke

Bird With A Broken Wing

Jesse Burke divides his time between personal art projects and commissioned work. A New England native, he currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and their three daughters, Clover Lee, Poppy Dee, & Honey Bee. He received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, where he is a faculty member, and earned his BFA from

Carson Gilliland


Carson Gilliland, twenty-six, was born and currently lives in Sarasota, FL. From a young age, he spent much of the winter camping and hunting in the sticks of Florida. Drawing on those experiences, his love for the night was born. Floating through construction sites, mobile parks, storefronts, alleyways, parking lots, railroad tracks, his work aims to

Scott Houston

A telephone pole with cut wires stands by the rail track at Shippingport nuclear power plant east of East Liverpool Ohio. East Liverpool is in the " rust belt," of the industrial mid west and is depressed economically. Where there were once many small industries as well as substantial steel industries there are now very few. In East Liverpool there is a high rate of unemployment with little hope of new jobs. In East Liverpool there is a high rate of cancer patients many belive it is because of the fumes from the nuclear plant at Shippingport.

Scott Houston is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who’s work is concerned with the cultural, social, and political landscape of contemporary America. His work has received world wide publication for projects on drug use, teenage access to guns, incarceration, the culture of consumerism, the decline of American manufacturing, and many other pertinent issues in contemporary

Michael Adno


Michael Adno is an artist and writer based in New York City, born in Florida as a first generation American. He works as a contributing editor for At Large magazine. His work has appeared in Oxford American, The Surfer’s Journal, Camera Austria, SRQ, Huck, OZY,  and Autre magazines among others. During the last year, he was a fellow at the Jacques

Daniel W. Coburn


Daniel W. Coburn lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas. His work and research investigates the family photo album employed as one component of a visual infrastructure that supports the flawed ideology of the American Dream. Selections from his body of work have been featured in exhibitions at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and

Across State Lines – “Brass Balls & Shopping Malls”


THE UNITED STATES ARE   BEGINNING TO LOOK THE SAME   The United States easily could be separated in to 57 states – give me a permanent marker and I will scratch up some revised state-lines. Splitting up Texas in to a collection of smaller states and, shit, we’ll have not just one but handfuls of states sporting

Camila Cossio


Camila Cossio’s photographic work specializes in architectural and interior fine art photography. She recently received her MPS in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts. Her clientele has included the top architectural firms in, her native, Mexico City, and been published in such magazines as Domus, Glocal, Architectural Digest, and The Robb Report. This work

Marissa Villacampa


Marissa Villacampa is a 22-year-old photographer born and raised in a small, suburban town in New Jersey. She graduated this past May from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and Video. As a young girl, Villacampa’s appearance read more masculine rather than feminine which differentiated her from the

The Inimitable Otherness of Stacy Kranitz


Today we have the honor of showcasing this article and interview with Stacy Kranitz written and conducted by Michael Adno. Michael is a photographer himself and a very talented writer. I have recently had the opportunity to get to know Michael and his work. You’ll see more of him later on the website. But for