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Karen Asher


Karen Asher is an analog photo artist from Winnipeg, Canada, whose work explores her obsession with stress, absurdity and the human condition. She received her BFA Honours in photography from the University of Manitoba in 2009. Asher is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and is featured in Flash Forward – Emerging Photographers from Canada, United Kingdom and the

Whit Forrester


December 24, 1983 Pago Pago, American Samoa 21:20 Raised in Kentucky, USA School in Ohio and Chicago Currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA Interested in the ways in which we accumulate. Interested in power, in how power is manifested, in how we consciously and unconsciously materially represent ourselves in the world and in how we

Janice Chung


Janice Chung is a Korean-American artist, born and bred in New York City. The daughter of two immigrant deli-owners of Queens, Chung was heavily influenced by her parents’ Confucian values in a reserved low-income household. As Chung entered her twenties, she began to unveil the tensions within her family using her camera to gaze into

Annick Sjobakken


Annick Sjobakken is a Des Moines based photographer and educator. She received her BFA in Photography in 2003 from Parsons School of Design and her MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. Her work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Fraction Magazine, Lenscratch, and

Clarissa Bonet

Absence Presence

Clarissa Bonet Lives and works in Chicago.  Her current work explores aspects of the urban space in both a physical and psychological context.  She received her M.F.A. in photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2012, and her B.S. in Photography from the University of Central Florida. Bonet’s work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and resides

Ashley Bourne


Ashley Bourne (b.1993) is a photographer based in the West Midlands (UK). Having just completed a bachelor of the arts degree in Photography at Falmouth University, he is now available for commissions. In 2012 during his college education, Ashley was selected by Magnum photographer Mark Power to be exhibited alongside him as part of the Black

Jonathan Pivovar


Jonathan Pivovar is a photographer currently based in Chicago, Illinois although he often spends time in Brooklyn, New York. Jonathan is a book maker, record collector, cook, fabricator, preparator, friend, brother, son, hiker, traveler, camper, indoor plant enthusiast, biker, sleep lover, and wearer-of-many-other-hats. His love of travel and exploring new subjects motivates his work. Today we

Barbara Diener

Katie with Aura, 2016

Barbara Diener was born in 1982 in Germany. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography from the California College of the Arts and Masters of Fine Art in Photography from Columbia College Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL, Hyde Park Art Center, Hyde Park, IL, Alibi Fine

Johnathon Kelso


Johnathon Kelso is an Atlanta based photographer documenting life in the South. His past work has concentrated on displaying various expressions of Christianity throughout the region. Kelso’s work has been featured by The Oxford American, CNN, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Photographs from his series, I Want to Die A-Shouting, are part of a permanent collection housed

Joris Hermans


Joris Hermans (b. 1983, Geel, Belgium) is a photographer currently based in Belgium. After graduating in 2008, he started working as a graphic designer and photographer spending several years exploring his photographic interests, slowly growing towards photojournalism and documentary. He has been shooting assignments and personal work extensively in Africa and Asia. Joris’ recent work

Jesse Burke

Bird With A Broken Wing

Jesse Burke divides his time between personal art projects and commissioned work. A New England native, he currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and their three daughters, Clover Lee, Poppy Dee, & Honey Bee. He received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, where he is a faculty member, and earned his BFA from