Aint–Bad is an independent publisher of new photographic art. Founded in Savannah, Georgia, the collective is dedicated to publishing contemporary photography and text to support a progressive community of artists from around the world through online web features, printed periodicals, monographs, and exhibitions.

Aint–Bad reveals an ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition by way of thought provoking imagery. The periodicals address specific cultural themes or observations, open for interpretive energy. Each monograph is an intimate project with a hand selected artist, printed in small editions with the best materials available.

Aint–Bad’s objective is to stimulate the collection of and appreciation for photography by way of accessible and affordable publications. The brand supports local initiatives by working together with artists, curators, and institutions to help foster a creative community. Aint–Bad was established in 2011 by Carson Sanders, Taylor Curry, Caroline McElhinny, Caitie Moore and James Jackman.

For more information contact us at: info@aint-bad.com



Photography is our best tool for documentation. Images have the power to influence us today and inform us tomorrow.

A photograph is literally a record of time and light. Besides visual data, there is implied information: who we are, where we are from, and what we think. All of this is encrypted in our visual language.

It is important for us, as visual communicators, to spend as much time as we can exploring, discovering, and documenting. The photographs that we make today will live forever. We are historians.






Taylor Curry

Co-Founder / Designer
Savannah, GA

Carson Sanders

Co-Founder / Sales
Savannah, GA

Fred Hirschman

Editor / Web Manager
Cleveland, OH

Lisa Jaye Young, Ph.D.

Editorial Director & Writer
Savannah, GA


Parker Stewart

Production Assistant
Savannah, GA


Sarah Borst

Editorial Assistant
Brooklyn, NY

Julia Bennett

Editorial Assistant
Los Angeles, CA


Anna Brody

Editorial Assistant
Savannah, GA

Kelia Anne

Editorial Assistant
Denver, CO

Audrey Molloy

Editorial Assistant
Nashville, TN

Dana Stirling

Editorial Assistant
Queens, NY

Kayla Story

Editorial Assistant
Madison, WI

Giovonni Dodd

Editorial Assistant
Greenville, SC

Aidan Bliss

Editorial Assistant
Sewanee, TN