Andrew B. Myers

Andrew B Myers is a Canadian photographer based out of Toronto.

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Sweet Nothings

“I don’t really work in series, but rather seem to have created an ongoing collection of loosely tied vignettes over the past few years. Most of what I’ve depicted would be the lighthearted and humorous, the relationship between objects and human beings, and a smattering of my fascination with pop culture and the discovery of that which is truly interesting within the mundane.”

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“I work in a very unusual way for a photographer, since I never really have a camera with me, and even if something really catches my interest on the spot, it goes into my notes to be revisited in a more controlled setting later on. The obsession with control over my own ideas often leads me to a strive for perfection within an aesthetic framework as well, relying upon carefully studied principles of composition and colour theory.”


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Andrew’s recent publications include Time, Wired, the Walrus, Le Monde, Creative Review, Esquire Russia.

Find more of his work on his website


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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