Steve Veilleux

Steve Veilleux is a photographer currently residing in Contrecoeur, a small town near the countryside in Quebec. Today we share his series titled Project En Cours.




“Projet en cours” is a new project on which I’ve been working for more than a year now. The title, which is in French, is temporary and it literally means “Ongoing project”. With this project, I’m exploring the countryside of the Quebec province, questioning myself about how we transform the landscape and also about how we perceive it through the photographic medium. I’m interested in sites that show visible signs of its inhabitants or of its land owners.



It can be very tiny signs like a birdhouse in a tree or bigger elements like dunes that look like a mohawk. But what interests me in these subjects is trying to create a sense of ambiguity toward our intepretation of them.



I’m making some of them look like sculptures or artistic installations or even mises-en-scènes. Other times it’s just the uniform light or the unusual juxtaposition of elements in the composition that creates this sense of unreal.



In the end, what I’m trying to do is to create a sort of distance in the way we read landscape photos, exploring the thin line that separates reality from fiction. I let the viewer see what he wants to see.”





Find more of Steve’s work on his website.

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