PUTPUT is a Swiss/Danish artist group established in 2011, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They seek to occupy the space between input and output and work as a device to process information, persistently dedicated to unconventional visual experimentation centered around conceptual thinking. Standing up to the chaos of the world by means of form, guided by curiosity they choose not to believe in readymade sense and set out to capture the previously unseen by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.



Inflorescence is a photographic series of constructed flowers, documenting the space where real and fictional converge. The emergence of a new species or hybrid creates a visual diversion and investigates the recognizability of objects in a new context. Witty and smart, these images evolve beyond the mundanity of everyday objects.







PUTPUT are interested in reconfiguring, re-inventing and questioning the purpose and context of objects and situations associated with or part of everyday life. Referencing classic genres; generating a visual double take they interrogate objects and situations building bridges between idea, meaning, expression and artifact.

See more of their work at www.putput.dk

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