Scott Alario

Born in 1983, Alario earned a BFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2006 and is a 2013 MFA candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design. Alario’s work has been shown in Bloomington, Indiana, Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and in Reykjavík Iceland. He was the recipient of a Rhode Island State Council of the Arts Fellowship Merit Award in 2012, and selected for inclusion in “Exposure: 7 Emerging Photographers,” published in the November/December 2011 issue of Art New England. He lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island.












My recent work deals with my fear of failing as a father, and attempts to make something of the successful moments. I use photography to engage my daughter. Together we construct images; she leads at times and at others I beg her to stay still. She has become the impetus, a character, and the audience. I set out to make a fable, but reality has leaked its way into the myth.

I shoot an 8×10″ view camera. I use a formal, slowed down, format to give me a stage with which to play out ideas. At times they’re spontaneous, and at times they are a collaboration with my four year old or my partner. Several of the images use multiple exposures, made in camera and I process film and print in a silver darkroom. I’m interested in renegotiating the line that we draw between is and if, and my work exists in the occasionally magical, often mundane, landscape of play.





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