Rraay Lai

Rraay Lai currently lives and works in Hong Kong. He graduated from Hong Kong Institute of Vocation Education (Kwun Tong) with a Higher Diploma in Digital Media. His work has been exhibited throughout Hong Kong and Beijing. Today we share his series titled Wan Chai Instax Love : 999.


Changing, the rapid development of the old and the new landscape, what can leave?
Instant photography immediately presents your love and it become landscapes. It is a renegade the plan of time and project of public space. Everything instant changed into the history. Nine Nine Nine, in addition to emergency calls, it also means a long long time, the symbolic eternal meaning.





The renegade then willing to quickly growth of the city eternal regeneration and prosperous. Photographer during the exhibition will surprise wandering around in the exhibition, people and objects encounter may also become part of the landscape. Any Wanchai, people can take a picture since one will give participants an immediate becomes the works of the exhibition.

Police Station’s WAN CHAI INSTAX LOVE: 999 Wanchai, re-imagine the variety of public space to reflect on their own relationship with the city. Now is time to output powerful love. Love your……

Check out more of Rraay Lai’s work on his website.

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