Katie Koti

Katie Koti grew up in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Her work to date has focused on identity, desire, and embodiment, often using landscape to explore visceral connections between bodies, culture, and nature. Koti is a member of the Yale MFA Photography class of 2012. She earned a BFA in Photography and Graphic Design (2010) at the Rhode Island School of Design. Before attending RISD, Koti graduated with Honors from Greenfield Community College, Massachusetts, where she studied Liberal and Media Arts. Koti shoots with both an Ebony 4×5 field camera and a Canon Mark II.

Sway 2011

Katie_Koti_13_o (2)
We Tigers 2012

Baby Bird 2011

Chosen Blood

My current body of work, Chosen Blood is an ongoing exploration that brings to light familial aspects
of the human experience and the intricate ties formed with others; the bonds between blood and chosen blood. This project explores the intimacy and truths of the body and spirit; innate and extrinsic attractions and behaviors. The closeness of this family is rare. My photographs strive to celebrate this closeness, their wildness, their innocence, their energy, their vulnerability.

Jessi Peeing 2011

The Rescue 2011

Spirit 2011

Untitled (Kitchen) 2011

Blood Heart 2012

Icarus 2012

Oh Captain 2012

The Reward 2012

snow berries 001
The Pull 2012

Pie 2012

Swing 2011

To view more of Katie’s work please visit her website.

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