Charlie Rubin

Charlie Rubin was born in 1986 in the Bronx and grew up in New Rochelle, NY. He received his BA from Haverford College, 2004, and completed his MFA at Parsons the New School for Design, 2012. For his graduate thesis, Rubin created a series of photographs that investigated the tensions between the real and the virtual worlds we inhabit. To achieve this, Rubin took photographs of densely rich nature and injected vibrant and clashing colors that contradict the lushness of reality with their obvious falsity. Today we share photographs from that collection.

charlie_rubin_1_o charlie_rubin_2_o

Rubin’s images are an exploration into the ordinary with a twist, often blurring the lines between the artificial and the real. His focus is multiple and expansive as he works to capture the intimate details of different cultural cues by way of landscape, still life and portraiture. “I’m interested in the subjects of fantasy, popular culture, repeating signs of this popular culture, and transforming ordinary objects in to artifacts. As well as this mix of virtual and real world I feel like I’m in the middle of sometimes. It’s like when you see someone you haven’t seen in a while and you ask them what they have been up to and they tell you they went to a concert last night… you remember seeing this on the internet earlier but you wonder if you should just act interested like you had no idea because everything is so weird.”

charlie_rubin_3_o charlie_rubin_4_o charlie_rubin_5_o charlie_rubin_6_o charlie_rubin_7_o charlie_rubin_8_o charlie_rubin_9_o charlie_rubin_10_o charlie_rubin_11_o charlie_rubin_12_o charlie_rubin_13_o charlie_rubin_14_o

To view more of Charlie’s work please visit his website.


Issue No.13 – Call For Entry!

Jack Harris
The Heavy Collective
Sydney, Australia

Aint–Bad No. 13 Call For Entry is officially open! We are teaming up with a new group of guest curators and editors from all over to collaborate on a publication that seeks the best contemporary photography being made today! Learn more about each of these talented curators and submit today!

Jack Harries is an independent curator and publisher based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder and editor of Heavy, an online platform and print journal dedicated to the discussion and promotion of contemporary photography.

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