Jeroen Arians

Jeroen Arians (1979, Nijmegen – the Netherlands) is a Rotterdam-based photographer. After studying Communication and Design at St. Lucas Boxtel in the Netherlands he went to England to follow a BA (hons) Graphic Design course at The University of Lincoln. During his studies he developed a great interest towards photography. He decided to follow this new found interest and pursued a Master in Fine Arts – majoring in photography, at the Royal Academy of Antwerp (Belgium), from which he graduated in 2007.



‘Swim’ Gennep (the Netherlands), 2011

During a 6-month Erasmus project in Tartu (Estonia) my photographic direction went more towards documentary. In my self-initiated projects I try to explore the balance between social perception and a photographic document. I interact with the moment in which I’m situated. That is why I leave reality behind me, showing a photographic sub-reality that I would call “fictive documentary”. When I create a portrait, the subject is captured according to my perception in the same way I would approach an interior, still-life or landscape. For me they are equal to each other. No matter who or what the subject is I endeavour to create a monumental image with them.

Teaching children to swim will increase their chance of survival. For people in rehabilitation, swimming is a method that has a positive influence on their body. For that purpose it is common to use special swimming equipment. Once the equipment is no longer in use and has been left behind alongside the pool, I find them to be peculiar devices in their own environment. I see them transform from something functional into something theatrical. By making such objects part of photographic installations I emphasize their alienating character.







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