Pierre Ollier

Pierre Ollier was born in 1985 in the French countryside. As a kid, he would smell the chemistry in his dad’s black and white lab set up in the garage of their family home. At the age of 20 he moved to Paris. Suffering from insomnia, he worked to receive two college degrees while writing rock columns from the French edition of Rolling Stone. Three years later he rediscovered his love for the darkroom and started printing his own photographs. Today, he works as a professional photographer, while continuing to work on personal projects. Today we share his latest body of work called Onshore Daylight.


“I dream the stone dream,
the grass dream,
the river running through my
one hundred and fifty years away”

-Charles Bukowski



I grew up out in the country. A peaceful and quiet childhood, in a big house on top of a hill, surrounded by trees, not far from a lake. Today, I live and work in Paris, a life of tiny spaces, urgency and crowded places made of concrete. My daily ordeal.

Onshore Daylight is a cathartic photographic series. An escape.

Far from bustle, up there in the north of Europe, I travelled seeking isolation between land and ocean. A place deprived of the violence of the instant, where time freezes in space. Thus, in a deliberately slow approach, I looked for the horizon, and my own solitude.









To view more of Pierre’s work, please visit his website.

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