Maxim Mjodov

Maxim Mjödov (1983, Tallinn, Estonia) is a self-taught independent photographer. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Afisha, Fstop, PFmagazine, Fluid Radio, Positiiv, Landscape stories, APF, and Dust magazine. He was a finalist at Fotokuu, Tallinn, Estonia, 2011, a finalist in PFmagazine, Santa Barbara, USA, 2010, and the First Place winner in Portraits in the Pentax Portrait Competition, Tallinn, Estonia, 2010. He is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Back in 2004, I accidentally found an old 35mm Japanese camera forgotten in the back seat of a taxi. That moment has determined my whole life.



Russian Album

This is my Russian album – without words, about the roots

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For more work please visit his website.

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