Sam Irons

Sam Irons (1978) lives and works in London, today we share with you work from his project Grid Reference.


35º01’39.89″N 106º57’14.63″W

51º56'48.69"N 1º12'18.39"W

51º56’48.69″N 1º12’18.39″W

 23º08'37.23"N 82º22'43.07"W

23º08’37.23″N 82º22’43.07″W

51º35'22.72"N 9º27'11.56"W

51º35’22.72″N 9º27’11.56″W

46º17'18.33"N 11º48'54.72"E

46º17’18.33″N 11º48’54.72″E

25º14'01.70"N 55º17'59.31"E

25º14’01.70″N 55º17’59.31″E

46º31'03.27"N 11º49'14.80"E

46º31’03.27″N 11º49’14.80″E

45º33'27.67"N 6º28'23.97"E

45º33’27.67″N 6º28’23.97″E

46º31'03.27"N 11º49'14.80"E

46º31’03.27″N 11º49’14.80″E

33º55'09.45"N 106º51'01.73"W

33º55’09.45″N 106º51’01.73″W

35º42'23.49"N 139º46'25.59"E

35º42’23.49″N 139º46’25.59″E

43º41'30.71"N 7º17'26.60"E

43º41’30.71″N 7º17’26.60″E

45º27’51.36″N 4º37’33.62″E

43º40'43.00"N 4º37'33.62"E

43º40’43.00″N 4º37’33.62″E

For more information, please visit his website.

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