Born in 1980 in a small town in France, I now live and work in Paris, France. After long dreams as an architect, then as a designer during my childhood, I finally turn out engineer. Only years after, will my shy fascination for the camera of my father take the lead: in 2007 I start as a self-taught photographer.

First exhibited in 2008 in the context of the first Affordable Art Fair by Parisian gallery Art & You, my photographs of staged scenes are rewarded by the 1st price for European Festival of Nude Photography in 2009, followed up by an exposition at gallery NKA*/Pascal Polar in Brussels, Belgium. The new photographs of this body of work are awarded in 2001 at the Px3 Price of Photography and displayed at Espace Dupon in Paris, France. My most recent pictures in this field will then again be rewarded in 2013 with the same price.

In parallel, my work about the abandoned island of Hashima is exhibited in Paris and London at the Horse Hospital in 2010 as “special favorite” of the Still In Motion exhibition. Such researches on artistic reports brings me to the Transsiberian train in 2011, and in 2013 I take a trip in immersion in Greenland up to the most north-most settlements.

Sebastien_Tixier_01_o Sebastien_Tixier_02_o

9288 km, the theoretical distance from Moscow to Vladivostok in the Transsiberian train. A 146-hour trip, running on 8 days without stop, shot from the window. With more than 1h of time difference added each day, the train slowly turns into a human being of its own. With the clocks always set to Moscow, the time perception shifts and the landscape and the stations pass by the windows: from the frozen planes and forest of Siberia, to the steppes along the Mongolia borders, and the great Lake Baïkal, the journey takes place with passengers and their stories.

Sebastien_Tixier_03_o Sebastien_Tixier_04_o Sebastien_Tixier_05_o Sebastien_Tixier_06_o Sebastien_Tixier_07_o Sebastien_Tixier_08_o Sebastien_Tixier_09_o Sebastien_Tixier_10_o

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Issue No.13 – Call For Entry!

Zemie Barr
Exhibitions Manager
Blue Sky Gallery
Portland, Oregon

Aint–Bad No. 13 Call For Entry is officially open! We are teaming up with a new group of guest curators and editors from all over to collaborate on a publication that seeks the best contemporary photography being made today! Learn more about each of these talented curators and submit today!

Zemie Barr is the Exhibitions Manager at Blue Sky Gallery and co-director of Wolff Gallery in Portland, Oregon. She gravitates towards surreal imagery and personal narrative, as well as conceptual, experimental, and interdisciplinary approaches to the photographic medium.

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