Jeanette Spicer

Jeanette Spicer is a New York based interdisciplinary artist working with both photography and video. She is a recent graduate of Parsons The New School for Design where she received an MFA in Photography and Related Media. Jeanette is a current resident at Brooklyn Art Space, and recently showed at SELECT FAIR Miami, during Art Basel this past December. Today we take a look at her series titled, Sea.

Jeanette_Spicer_1_o Steph with Berries



My work explores boundaries and pushes preconceived notions regarding personal relationships, how we relate to spaces, and to ourselves, in a way that always tends to be mediated by tension. Through photography I invite the viewer to consider their perception of each image that is inevitably intertwined with illusion. I concentrate on light, gesture, and the sublime to allow the photographs to speak, to ask the viewer to see something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Jeanette_Spicer_3_oBrooklyn Museum



Jeanette_Spicer_6_oThe First Touch of Winter






To view more of Jeanette’s work please visit her website.



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