Acacia Johnson

Acacia is a fine-art photographer from Anchorage, Alaska. Her photographic process can be described as expeditionary in nature, exploring her profound connection to the landscapes of the Far North in Alaska, northern Norway, Iceland, and beyond. Acacia has worked as a photojournalist in Norway and has exhibited her work in Alaska and the Northeast. Her work is also included in collections at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum and the Smithsonian Museum of American History. She now resides in Providence, Rhode Island, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) while working for FotoVisura and Onward Forward.

Untitled, Alaska, 2013

Eagles (My Mother’s Hands), Alaska, 2013


Polaris is an exploration of otherworldly occurrences in the wilderness of the Far North. Traversing remote landscapes in Alaska and Iceland by foot, alone or with my family, I seek moments that seem to fall away from reality around the edges, into another realm. Alone on these journeys, I contemplate how the dynamic contrasts and fleeting elements of the Far North impart a heightened sense of being alive, and reflect upon the peculiar combination of wonder, fear, and respect that the landscape invokes. Polaris, the North Star, functions as a metaphor for the constancy of magic that I perceive in an environment that is otherwise in constant flux.

Gus (My Grandmother’s Owl), Alaska, 2013

Sleeping Circle, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

Treasure, Alaska, 2013

The End, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

My Father in the Ice Cave, Alaska, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

Untitled, Iceland, 2013

This is an ongoing project.

To view more of Acacia’s work please visit her website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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