Ignacio Evangelista was born in Valencia in 1965. He received his bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia before turning to photography. Ignacio applies an underlying theme of the human trace in his work. His project, After Schengen, of old and deserted border crossing points, was awarded The Project Development Grant from CENTER in Sante Fe.

Ignacio_Evangelista_Coll de Bertrs E-F_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_Drasenhofen-Mikulov A-CZ_o

Atfter Schengen

The After Schengen photo series is about photographing some of the old border crossing points that still exist out of order in all the states of the European Union. Border crossings have a function of geographical boundaries, but also an coercitive role since they prevent the free passage of people between one and another state. So there are places that, along with a cartographic dimension, are provided with historical, economic and political reminiscences; aspects absolutely related to landscape from a contemporary and transversal perspective.

Ignacio_Evangelista_Eisenberg - Vaskeresztes A-H_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_Fratres-Slavonice A-CZ_o

These quasi archaeological ruins have become part of the current landscape, forming a presence of the past that lies dormant in the present. The old border crossings are slowly disappearing, some are renovated and reconverted to new uses, some are destroyed for vandals, and some other just fall down due to the passing of time. So, after some few years there will be no possibility to look at these strong signs and symbols of the recent European history.

Ignacio_Evangelista_Hardegg - Cizov A-CZ_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_Mrbisch am See - Fertrkos A-H_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_O.v Orl horch - D.Zdrj PL-CZ_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_Portalet E-F_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_Rattersdorf - Kszeg A-H_o

Ignacio_Evangelista_darky-Pstrazna CZ-PL_o

To view more of Ignacio’s work please visit his website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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