Eleonora Agostini, born in 1991, is an Italian photographer based in Brooklyn. She studied photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work explores the subjects of temporariness, absence and isolation, mainly through portraits and empty hotel rooms.



Something Is Missing

This body of work investigates the idea of temporary nature and transition, through the banality and the anonymity of empty hotel rooms, dingy and ordinary exteriors, and portraits in places that I like to call “temporary houses.” The hotel rooms are mostly recently left by the guests, in a place between past and future, with traces of a gone moment soon to be erased, just like those who have spent the night there. The portraits are handled in the same way as the empty rooms. It does not matter who those people are, they are used to express one specific condition: everything flows undaunted, the man can not be exempt from the nature of change. “Something is missing” is a set of feelings that have accompanied me for eight months away from home. As I walked down the street seduced by melancholy hotels in Hollywood, I was fascinated by the idea of ” wandering,” a concept very present in the American culture : wandering around looking for something. I was looking for a certain type of character and building that expressed perfectly what I felt in the exact instant. Within the project there are places and people who belong to my life on the other side of the ocean, a metaphor for the visceral feeling of finding a place I could call home.












To view more of Eleanora’s work please visit her website.

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