Andrew Querner

Andrew Querner is a self-taught photographer currently residing in North Vancouver, British Columbia. His pictures reflect a personal response to shifts and phenomena in the socio-cultural environment. Employing a documentary style, he is interested in exploring the lyric capacity of images to engage themes found at the intersection of identity, locality, upheaval, and history. In 2013, he was named a PDN 30 New & Emerging photographer. Today we take a look at Andrew’s series titled, Lone Star.



Lone Star

Universal Outreach Foundation is a Canadian humanitarian organization working to serve vulnerable children and their communities in Liberia, West Africa. In the winter of 2014, we collaborated to make a photographic document that not only recorded aspects of their core mission in the areas of childhood education and economic development but considered scenes that reflected on the nation’s psychology in the face of its ongoing transformation.

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To view more of Andrew’s work please visit his website.

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