Marshall Scheider

Marshall Scheider is originally from Portland, Oregon, and currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Marshall’s work primarily focuses on American life, culture, and the changing physical and social landscape. Through images, he explores the passage of time and its link to the degradation and coinciding reconstruction of the physical manifestations of our society – a metamorphosis that Marshall finds beautifully paralleled in the natural environment.

marshall_scheider_05_o marshall_scheider_06_o

I Am Singing

On a personal level, through the creation of this work I search for reconciliation; to unveil personal truths regarding the paradoxical nature of my own connection to America, and in a broader sense, home: The ways in which one can be inextricably connected to the things with which one is the most at-odds. Through pedestrian or banal views of the rural or urban landscape and passing shots of strangers on the street, I attempt to construct a far reaching but cohesive document of the America I see, here and now, as well as encourage contemplation about cultural identity and connection that may transcend any particular time or place.

marshall_scheider_11_o marshall_scheider_08_o marshall_scheider_02_o marshall_scheider_12_o marshall_scheider_03_o marshall_scheider_04_o marshall_scheider_07_o marshall_scheider_01_o marshall_scheider_09_o marshall_scheider_13_oTo view more of Marshall’s work please visit his website.



Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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