Marina Caneve

Marina Caneve lives and works in Italy and Ile-de-France. She is an urban architectural photographer with a bachelor in classical studies. She graduated from the IUAV (University of Architecture, Venice) in 2013, under the guidance of Guido Guidi, with a thesis on photography and the construction of knowledge concerning urban plan. Her project, “A Kilometer Without Limits: Photography and urban planning in an urban remodelage” was made in Paris between 2012 and 2013. Marina focuses her interest in sociology, identity, and urban space, as well as relationships among people and environment, and the social value of urbanism and architecture. In her research, there is a relationship with reality in which she absorbs as much as possible and returns through a visual reconstruction.

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1KM focuses on the remodelage of the Caravelle grand ensemble (north of Paris), the reorganization of urban structures, and, in a more general way, of the des-enclavement. The work is developed with the greatest respect for people and their conditions, avoiding a sympathetic stance while instead searching for a degree of empathy with the subjects in order to restore their own dignity.

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To view more of Marina’s work please visit her website.



Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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