Amber Shields holds a BA in photojournalism from Loyola University in New Orleans, LA and an MFA in photography from San Jose State University in California. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally, selected for Review Santa Fe and featured in online publications like Flak Photo, Light Work, Lenscratch, Conscientious, and Art Photo Index. Amber_Shields_01_o Amber_Shields_02_o                         America Lost
Has America lost its grace? What truths do we now hold to be self-evident? Materialism, greed, isolation – are these becoming our new ideologies? What happened to the values that built this country? Are they disappearing with the small towns of America? These photographs shot in rural southern towns personify these questions about the reality of the America we live in today in attempt to answer the ultimate question: Are we going to be okay? Amber_Shields_03_o Amber_Shields_04_o Amber_Shields_05_o Amber_Shields_06_o Amber_Shields_08_o Amber_Shields_09_o Amber_Shields_10_o



To view more of Amber’s work please visit her website.

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