Tom Hoying

Tom Hoying is a documentary photographer and photo illustrator living and working in Columbus, OH. His work explores social, and religious themes in the American Midwest and takes the form of long term documentary projects. Today we look at his series I almost drowned in the Blue River which was photographed in the rural midwest, in parts of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

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I Almost Drowned in the Blue River

The small town American Dream is dying, or may be already dead as we understand it. Piles of garbage, empty storefronts, and loan offices reflect the current economic state of rural America. Yet many people still thrive. They attend Sunday services, and sit down to share meals with one another. They hold fast to their communities and to the land itself. I almost drowned in the Blue River (2014) uses documentary photography to mourn the passing of this dream, while simultaneously embracing what it has become.

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To view more of Tom’s work please visit his website.


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