Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario. In 2006, he received a BFA from Ryerson University in Toronto and is a recent MFA graduate from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. His work has been exhibited and published internationally. Campbell currently lives and works in Toronto – but will be spending the fall at an Artist Residency in Vienna, Austria.

jamie_campbell_01_oGuillotine. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2009.

jamie_campbell_02_oWall and Curtain. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2009.

Mourning Light

With this series my thoughts were occupied by the phenomena of Phototaxis, which is the locomotory movement that occurs when a whole organism moves towards or away from stimulus of light. Such traits are easily visible in the way moths flock to illumination, or conversely, the way cockroaches repel from brightness. Using this theory as a starting metaphor, I am interested in the way light reveals and exposes. It can unintentionally disclose and make visible the subtlest of vulnerabilities. This series delves into such revelations. Through attempted coverage and shielding, veiling and unmasking, my photographs attempt to create tension between the accessible and unattainable.

jamie_campbell_03_oNo Ghost Work. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_04_oPoint Pleasant Park.30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_05_oBasement. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2009.

jamie_campbell_06_oArgyle. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_07_oMourning Light #1. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_08_oNight Light. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_09_oMaritime. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_10_oGarbage Day.30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

jamie_campbell_11_oDusk on the Front Lawn. 30×30 inches. C-Print. 2008.

To view more of Jamie’s work please visit his website.


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Small Talk Collective
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Small Talk is a photography collective comprised of seven women: Audra Osborne, Briana Cerezo, Jennifer Timmer Trail, Kelli Pennington, Kristina Hruska, Leslie Hickey, and Marico Fayre. As a group, we explore the nature of what it means to be a visual storyteller, pool resources, provide support and critique, and facilitate community events and discussions. We engage in the best kind of "small talk," that which binds us together both as a collective and within a larger community of women and minority artists, fostering stronger work and collaboration. Our first book, We're Always Touching by Underground Wires, was published in April 2018.

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