Drew Nikonowicz

Drew Nikonowicz is an artist based in Saint Louis, Missouri, pursing a BFA in Photography. His work deals with the landscape in contemporary art.


Latent Worlds

My work participates in the language of landscape recordmaking and asks what is the role of the discoverer in the 21st Century? My work also deals with new technologies that allow for photo realistic rendering. Ultimately, the work becomes about where these ideas meet.

Terragen is a software designed to “…create the most realistic images possible without taking a photograph.” It uses mathematical equations to create an image from numbers. I render this image and then print it as a photograph. I use a 4×5 aspect ratio to reference historical photographic processes. This aspect ratio lends an authority of documentary truth to these subjects.

There is a rich history of geographic discovery through the use of photography. From Timothy O’Sullivan’s King Survey of the fortieth parallel to Neil Armstrong’s photographs during Apollo 11 on the surface of the moon. My images deal with the future of the discoverer and where the new frontier is. These are the latent worlds that we might discover in the universe if only we could access them.

Nikonowicz_Drew_The_Summit_in_Fog_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Tetons_and_Snake_River_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Overcast_at_Sea_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Mountain_Range_Along_Coast_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Misty_Valleys_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Cumulus_Cloud_Cover_o Nikonowicz_Drew_Archipelago_o

Visit his website for more information and images.

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