Stacy Kranitz

Stacy Kranitz’s work explores history, representation, biography, personal narrative, and otherness within the documentary tradition. She uses the photograph to consider important social issues while commenting on this tradition and challenging its boundaries. Much of her work focuses on the ways we express aggression and violence in our daily rituals, habits and pastimes. She received a BA in film and photography from New York University and an MFA at the University of California, Irvine.

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Don’t Drop the Potato

I moved into an old cypress house on a Bayou. We had many dogs. One of them got hit by a car in front of me.

Another dog gave birth to 9 puppies in our bed.

We would go down the road and bet on horses at Evangaline Downs then sneak into the all you can eat buffet.


One time I snorted cocaine off of a homeless mans fingernail in a bathroom stall.

We rescued a cat during hurricane Katrina but lost it during hurricane Rita.

I drank hot chocolate mixed with crystal meth and stayed up for three days hidden inside a stranger’s home.


I was arrested three times for minor offenses too embarrassing to share.

One night we got lost in the swamp in our canoe.

The man who lived in the house before we moved in left us all of his heavy metal records because he found Jesus. He was the one who found me weeping on the side of the road when my dog died.


To view more of Stacy’s work please visit her website.

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