Nick Joseph

Nick Joseph is a self-taught photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. He is a life long Southern California resident – minus the 3 years he lived in Las Vegas, Nevada – who has worked in the skateboarding and street fashion industry for 18 years. During that stretch, he picked up a 35mm and medium format film camera and began shooting his travels, in addition to various things such as cars, flowers and landscapes.

nick_joseph_1_o nick_joseph_2_o

This is a series of photos shot while walking around my immediate neighborhood, as well as parts of Venice, Laguna Beach, and Downtown Los Angeles. Even though I have a car, I’d much rather walk whenever possible, especially when I have the itch to shoot. Southern California – as well as anywhere really – has so many great backdrops and things to shoot, especially for a guy like me who’s fixated on old cars, flowers and street stuff in general.

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