Michael Tittel

Born in 1969, Michael Tittel started photographing when he was in high school. After earning a BFA in Photography from Ohio University in 1992, he embarked on a career in commercial photography, which lasted for ten years. He then abandoned commercial photography in favor of using photography exclusively as a means to understand himself and the world around him. Michael’s work explores themes of disconnectedness and awareness of human truths and behaviors.


2012-present, ongoing

Our daily social journeys are built on instantaneous and fleeting views that are often not grounded in truth but are instead formed by our perceptions of the hundreds of situations we observe. The saying “perception is everything” is the reality of our daily social interactions. This work is about those perceptions we form countless times every day. And even more important than the visual depiction of perception is the duality in which we all live. One as social beings living amidst and dependent on communities. And secondly as solitary beings and the struggle we may have to connect with others and find meaning within ourselves.

Reaction to these images is as relevant to me as the actual subject matter portrayed. Within this perceived truth, what is potentially most interesting is the control of the photographer versus the vulnerable portrayal of the subjects and their activities.


To view more of Mike’s work, please visit his website.

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