Misha de Ridder

Misha de Ridder (1971) is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His work has been exhibited amongst others at CODA Museum, Foam Photography Museum, Galerie Juliètte Jongma, Layr Wuestenhagen Vienna, Museum of the City of New York and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. De Ridder has published several monographs including Sightseeing (2000), Wilderness (2003), Dune (2011), Abendsonne (2011) and Solstice (2012). Today we feature his series Dune.




Somewhere in densely populated Holland exists a twilight zone where it is possible to travel in time: a small strip of dunes separating polder and sea, just a twenty minute drive from the city of Amsterdam. In DUNE, Misha de Ridder unveils natural scenes so estranged and mysterious that they could be described as unreal realities. Lushly presented in a limited-edition artist book, published in July 2011 by Lavalette, De Ridder’s precise and highly detailed photographs call to mind Dutch landscape paintings of the 17th century and Romantic Era. In the barren and tormented nature of the dunes, it is light, color and atmosphere that salvage the memory of a wilderness lost.









All photographs courtesy of Juliètte Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam.

To view more of Misha’s work, please visit his website.

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