Ettore Moni

Ettore Moni was born in Parma, Itlay. He attended the Art Institute of his home city. Ettore’s work has been published in Il Corriere della Sera, Rum Magazine, Platform Documentary, It’s Nice That, Gblog, Domus, Grab Magazine, New Photography Landscape, Lenscratch and many more. He has also exhibited at the European Festival of Fotografia.di Reggio Emilia 2014. Recently, Ettore has been working on a new project with also portraits of miners and details of a valley of the Apuan Alps. This work will be exhibited at the upcoming European festival of photography in Reggio Emilia, 2015. Today we take a look at Ettore’s series titled Alps, photographed with a 4×5 field camera.

ettore moni alps_006

ettore moni alps_008

Immagini 001


“Alps can be seen as the story of a “compromise”: to enjoy certain places it was necessary human intervention, but had inevitably “imbruttirli” or altering them to make them accessible. Photographs are a testimony, does not contain a criticism, since they are also aware of the beneficial effects of modernization, but despite this I hope that the vision of these photographs help make more people aware of the beauty that surrounds them, and it gets a boost to preserve it.

Immagini 002

Immagini 007

Even though high-altitude tourism is undoubtely a considerable source of income for mountain communities – who are frequently neglected by national agricultural and farming support policies –, massive anthropisation brings about a significant modification of landscape. The pictures of this inquiry aim at upsetting the viewers to make them feel like any mountain enthusiast who at the end of their trip are faced with something they would not want to find. My goal is to sensitize everybody and make them be aware of the irreversible damage that is nowadays suffered by our wonderful landscapes.”

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To view more of Ettore’s work please visit his website.

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