David Zilber

A native of Toronto, Ontario, David Chaim Jacob Zilber (b. 1985) is a professional chef and butcher who has worked in fine dining establishments across Canada since 2004. Photography has been one of his chief creative outlets over the past half-decade, alongside cooking, painting, writing and industrial design. Working exclusively with 135 format film, his work has been shown across North America and Europe. He is the creator of the on-line photojournal  Recidivism  and Prolix, a book of black and white photographs, was released in September 2011 through Montreal’s Trapshot Archives. He currently lives and works as a Chef de Partie at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. Today we take a look at his series titled, Rationalism.david_zilber_01 david_zilber_02

“Rationalism, the third modality of classical epistemology claiming the abstract as urgent as the tangible and theoretical. A groundwork, a framework, a beginning and an end.”david_zilber_03 david_zilber_04 david_zilber_05 david_zilber_06 david_zilber_07 david_zilber_08 david_zilber_09

To view more of David’s work please visit his website.

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