William W. Douglas

William W Douglas III was born in 1988 in Charleston. In 2011 he was a recipient of a VMFA fellowship. He received his BFA in Photography and Filmmaking at VCU in 2012. Douglas has already been included in various important exhibitions including Snapshot Aesthetic at Black Box Gallery in Portland and NOW at The Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh. In 2014 he was included in numerous publications including “Petty Thieves Five” published by Empty Stretch and “BASTARDS” published by Oranbeg Press. In 2015 he will be in Peripheral Vision at Candela in Richmond. Douglas currently lives and works in Virginia.

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William W Douglas III uses water as a central theme in his work because of its importance to biological growth and survival for all living organisms, with this he is attempting to raise questions about science and religion. In these photographs, Douglas works in the tradition of an on the road artist highlighting commonplace occurrences in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico to present the concepts of life, love, and death. He finds coastal regions that are accustom to deterioration of their landscapes due to severe weather have an aura that is prominent for making images of this kind.

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To view more of William’s work, please visit his website.

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