Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen (b.1991) is a Photographer and filmmaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Kent’s work focuses on traveling around Southern Africa and studying the mundane that exists in that area of the world. He has a very minimalist approach to his photographs that create meaningful stories that can relate to people universally. Today we share Kent’s series titled Summer.

Kent_Andreasen 1

Kent_Andreasen 2

Kent_Andreasen 3


“My summer series is pretty straight forward as the name suggests. I went on a family holiday on the East Coast of South Africa and was lucky enough to stay right on the beach. This helped me observe some great scenes unfolding and I would go out at certain times of the day and see what I could find.

Kent_Andreasen 4

Kent_Andreasen 5

Kent_Andreasen 6

Kent_Andreasen 7

It was a interesting experience because I could just feel the images out without any preconceived idea of what I wanted the project to be. There we absolutely no framework for me to work within and I because I had 2 weeks in the area I didn’t have to rush. It was the catalyst I needed to start shooting more series like this and I feel my photography grew from it. ”

Kent_Andreasen 8

Kent_Andreasen 9

Kent_Andreasen 10

Kent_Andreasen 11

Kent_Andreasen 12

Kent_Andreasen 13

Kent_Andreasen 14

To view more of Kent’s work please visit his website.

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