Margaret Thompson

Margaret Thompson is a photographer working and living in Montreal, Quebec. She acquired her BA with a Major in Philosophy from Concordia University in 2009 and was in the 2014 graduating class of the Professional Photography Program at Dawson College. She was among the winners of the PDNedu and Applied Arts photography awards, her work is held in private collections and has been exhibited in Quebec and Ontario. Today, we look at her series titled Swimmers.

Paula The Boys   Flowers


“In this ongoing series, I have been documenting the daily realities of the aqua-fitness participants at the Montreal Jewish Community Centre. For them, it is a shared experience of care and community that at times, wavers between the boredom of routine and the kindness, good humour and mutual support that accompanies growing old.

Ila Shower Shirley and Seymour

My work examines the subject’s negotiation of their inhabited space.  In this series, the physical structure of the community centre influences how the subjects relate to each other and to themselves.”

Old Friends Tzipora Lola Harriet

To view more of Margaret’s work please visit her website.  

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