Lydo Elise Le

Lydo Elise Le is a 24 year old photographer, originally from Los Angeles, California. She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, where she works as a freelance photographer. Her work is often deceptively simple using motifs and near-universal forms such as words and numbers, grids, shadows, boundaries, circles, and ellipses. Together they comprise something like a dream, or maybe the schematic of a summer daydream. Today we share her series Can You Swim.




Can You Swim

“I’m confounded by the proceedings of everyday life. Can You Swim reflects my interest in the beauty of the mundane. There is something about these images that is simultaneously comforting and challenging. I’m constantly questioning and being questioned by the world around me, so this work feels like a meditation on confidence in that way. In Can You Swim, seemingly random forms are actually engaged in a dialog with each other, and also, with the viewer. Their placement is conversational, where they can only be deciphered through imagination.”











To view more of Lydo’s work, please visit her website.

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