Paula Prats

Paula Prats is a Spanish photographer who received a BA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2011. Her interest in photography and traveling led her to expand her studies in the universities of Emily Carr Art and Design in Vancouver and Middlesex University of London. In 2012, she obtained a grant to work at the National Museum of Photography in Reykjavik. Her work has been exhibited individually and collectively participating in shows in Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Iceland and has been featured in sites like Phases Mag, YET magazine, If you leave or The Latent Image. Today we share Paula’s series Still Light.




Still Light

“We need light. The world without light is nothing but space. Light creates places, volumes, colors, experience. It alters the character of everything.

Still light explores light in Iceland through a personal vision. The light in the northernmost latitudes is in constant change, everyday is different. It grows until you canʼt hardly see the sun hide in June and decreases until you canʼt see more than a weak twilight in December, changing with it colors, landscapes and people.




All the disconcerting feelings that the light produces on you when living there, specially when living as a foreigner, are expressed through the images which try to transmit a sensation of the unfamiliar, of weirdness. An abstraction from reality.

A light show celebrating 100 years of light, shiny pearls with vitamin D replacing the sun, christmas lights and fireworks in the darkest time, white hands, dark skies, colored atmospheres, the moon in a summer night, aurora, brightness or a deep blue. All related to the cycle of light there, to the excess and to the lack of it.”




To view more of Paula’s work, please visit her website.

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