Steven Turville

Steven Turville is a photographer living and working out of his native city of Columbus, Ohio. He received his B.S. from Ohio University in 2014, where he was a student of photojournalism. A first-generation American born of Guyanese parents, he is particularly interested in individual identity within the context of personal and cultural histories. His clients include The Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera America, and The Washington Post. His personal work has been recognized by College Photographer of the Year and American Photography 30. He currently splits his time between pursuing editorial assignments, producing self-generated projects and getting lost on the road.





Rumors of Home

“Rumors of home were all I ever heard from my parents. It was not until 22 that I visited Guyana. It was a place I struggled to describe my entire life, yet somehow it had come to define me in a way. I wanted to find my connection to the land and people, my family- but in the process I ended up unearthing fading fragments of a life that was never mine. I cannot help but place myself in these images. Even though the environment contrasts greatly from my own upbringing, I was able to uncover small glimpses of familiarity. These are my roots, after all.”












To view more of Steven’s work please visit his website.

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