Marek Wykowski

Marek Wykowski was born in Krakow, Poland in 1975. He is a self-taught photographer, focusing mainly on portraiture and landscapes. He started photographing some ten years ago as a hobby, but overtime it has turned into more than that. He describes himself as a visual person, paying a lot of attention to thorough composition and appreciating the value of good lighting and rich tonality. He prefers natural lighting and avoids excessive post-processing of his images. He finds the reality to be interesting enough and believes that if you have the patience to look for a right scene you will be rewarded with great pictures.Today we share his series Principia Dynamica.




Principia Dynamica

The title of this project refers to Newton’s principles of dynamics. In school, we are taught that these principles relate to objects and bodies. I started thinking about whether or not these are the same principles that govern the development of societies and places. For example, there are highly developed societies, which seem to be moving with their own inertia, without any new impulses to push them. There are others gaining momentum, but their velocity is still way behind those that are more developed. Finally, everyone has experienced places which do not change, no matter what – as if they were bound by some kind of gravity. So it got me wondering if I could capture the representation of these forces – if there are any universal images that could depict the dynamics of societies.













To view more of Marek’s work, please visit his website.

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