Jeanne Donegan

Jeanne Donegan is an artist living in Chicago. She received her BFA from the University of Connecticut, her home state, and is currently pursuing her MFA at Columbia College Chicago. Donegan works in photography and video-based performance. Her work focuses on issues of femininity, desire, and intimate relationships. She is interested in exploring the potential of female desire to elicit questions of power, autonomy, and pleasure. Today we share her photographic series titled, I Almost Forgot, as well as her video, Rub.




I Almost Forgot

I Almost Forgot is a visual investigation of the intersections between female sexual self and an intimate partner. I aim to evoke a seductive sensuality in the photographs, prioritizing light as a pivotal element that can touch and caress the body. I focus on the more still and quiet moments of reflection that arise between intimate acts, moments that are subtly charged with the enigmatic feelings of desire. Through this and my video work, I explore those feelings of desire as they relate to feminine sexuality, and in doing so, attempt to create a sense of autonomy over such desires.












To view more of Jeanne’s work, please visit her website.

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