Tatum Shaw

Tatum Shaw is a photographer and advertising copywriter originally from Cartersville, GA, currently based in Portland, OR. He most recently published a book in the form of a postcard set, documenting a road trip through the south, entitled Wonderland Trail. When he is not creating photographs, he creates ads for clients such as Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Target, and Google.  Today we share his series, Wonderland Trail.

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Wonderland Trail 

In the summer of 2013, I took a road trip that began in New Orleans and finally wound its way into the mountains of North Carolina, ending at the abandoned summerhouse of my grandparents. Their home, which I hadn’t visited since childhood, resides on the very road for which this series is named.

I view this project as a love letter to my grandparent’s mountain home (soon to be sold), the memories I have from there, as well as a memento of all the towns I visited on the way to our reunion. Consider this series laced with a heavy dose of childhood wonder and nostalgia.

Welcome to Wonderland Trail.

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To view more of Tatum’s work, please visit his website.

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