Joe Rudko

A recent graduate of Western Washington University’s BFA program, Joe Rudko has exhibited in Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham in the Northwest, as well as been included in exhibitions in Los Angeles, Memphis and New York.  His work has been featured in The Stranger, Dust Magazine Online, Beautiful Decay and Juxtapoz Magazine Online.  Today we share his series, Catalog.

Joe_Rudko_1 Joe_Rudko_2 Joe_Rudko_3


Rudko’s Catalog is a series of images that examine photography’s ability to add value and worth to otherwise useless objects. Using candy colored backdrops and studio lighting equipment, ordinary garbage is recycled into visual delicacies, presenting the photograph as more valuable than the subject that occupies it

Joe_Rudko_4 Joe_Rudko_5 Joe_Rudko_6 Joe_Rudko_7 Joe_Rudko_8 Joe_Rudko_9 Joe_Rudko_10

To view more of Joe’s work, please visit his website.

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