Matthew Brooks

Matthew Brooks is an emerging visual artist based in Montréal, Canada. After pursuing studies in orchestral performance at the University of Manitoba, he will be receiving a B.F.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Concordia University in 2015. His work will be included in a group exhibition at Centre des Arts Actuels Skol in Montréal in early 2016. His work has been published internationally in online publications such as Fotografia Magazine (Italy), Aint Bad Magazine (U.S.A.), C-Print Journal (Sweden), and Redbird Editions (Netherlands) among others. He is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, including support from the Manitoba Arts Council and Concordia University. He is also the founder of Studio Matthew Brooks, a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in architectural and interior photography.





Italian Homes

Italian Homes is an ongoing work that documents the homes of Italian-Canadian immigrants of the 1950s to 1960s. These spaces have remained largely unchanged since their initial decoration. From glass decorations to wood cupboards and cabinets, these homes are all distinctly Italian in some way.

Certain rooms take on a cinematic feeling, as they give the viewer a sense of a time capsule unearthed. Although nothing was altered or staged by the photographer, the rooms are displayed in such a way that they become performative, as certain rooms are purposed for special occasions only and are not otherwise used.

As the second generation gradually acquires these homes, they will inevitably be renovated or torn down altogether. In this way, they become increasingly impermanent as the first generation of Italian immigrants ages. Italian Homes seeks to explore the photographic medium as a tool for the preservation of these spaces.












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