Jasper Muse

Jasper Muse (b. 1991) is a Maine based photographer born and raised in South Portland, Maine. He studied photography at Clark University under Frank Armstrong and Stephen DiRado and digital art under Hugh Manon. Today we share his series, More American Road Poetry. 

Burnt lumber

Caged Lion 2

Child eyes and car

More American Road Poetry

A group of photographs made during a drive cross country to my cousin’s wedding. This work is “more” in that it’s a reiteration of the Americana road essay: young man with camera seeing his country. A classic rite. It is “poetry” through structurally emulating the genre of poems-about-America, specifically those that say “isn’t it strange? isn’t it vast? isn’t it unnamable?” in an excessive scope . Regarding these legacies, each image is to be a monument to its own genre function, and an icon of the typical within the universe of represented America.

Cross Man

Deerrr mountain

Dreamy valley

Falling tube


Motel Couches

Pink Wall

Pissing Bush

Red Truck Church 1

Running Deer

Shotgun Shells

Two Beautiful Doors_

Young boy looking

To view more of Jasper’s work, please visit his website.

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