Josh Cunliffe

Born in Birmingham, 1991, Josh Cunliffe’s interests as an editorial, documentary and lifestyle photographer are rooted in people and place. Putting people at the centre of his work, exploring and building relationships between his subjects and their surroundings is key to his interests. He studied at Falmouth University, graduating in 2013 with a degree in Editorial Photography and is currently based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, where he is living the dream and available for commission.




These images are excerpted from on-going collaborative project between myself and Benjamin Rutherford. We set out to explore the life of Australian men and women working on cattle stations in the country’s vast and notorious outback. Our heart for the project, one that is still taking shape, is that we might reflect the culture, work, and people of the bush with authenticity, giving a glimpse into an industry that has helped shape the world’s romantic perception of the outback. The images seen here are all my own, taken solely in the North West regions of Queensland.










To view more of Josh Cunliffe’s work please visit his website.

To view more of Benjamin Rutherford’s work please visit his website.

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