Pipatra Banpabutr

Pipatra Banpabutr (b. 1990) is a Thailand based photographer who is inspired by the sights sounds and smells that surround his on a daily basis. He graduated with a BA in Media and Communications from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is currently living and working in Bangkok as a graphic designer specializing in print and book design. He is an aspiring filmmaker and hopes that photography will allow his to make a transition into film in the near future. Today we share his ongoing series, Siam So Chic.




Siam So Chic is an on-going exploration into the lives of Thai people, questioning the human condition in an age of never-ending desires and increasing social disparity. Selected from a larger body of work taken in the course of 6 years, this project explores my personal fascination into modern culture, aesthetics, emotions and the day-to-day psychology of Thai people against a backdrop of rife westernisation, political unrest and marketing propagandas.





Photography is an extension of my daily life, a method of keeping track of what I see and feel. It helps me to create conversations with my natural surroundings, whether it is with buildings, people or trees. I would like to get into filmmaking very soon so photography is only an introduction to a larger picture of my imagination. Taking photographs helps me to visualize everything where each image is a different scene full of different characters, normally with music and soundscape that runs in my head. Through this process it helps me to add color and narration into the images I present.










To view more of Pipatra’s work, please visit her website.



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